Database for NSI

eNanoMapper database for nanomaterial safety information

We demonstrate how the eNanoMapper database is used to import and publish online ENM and assay data from several data sources, how the “representational state transfer” (REST) API enables building user friendly interfaces and graphical summaries of the data, and how these resources facilitate the modelling of reproducible quantitative structure–activity relationships for nanomaterials (NanoQSAR).


Cancer Biology, Toxicology and Alternative Methods Development Go Hand-in-Hand

Toxicological research faces the challenge of integrating knowledge from diverse fields and novel technological devel- opments generally in the biological and medical sciences. We discuss herein the fact that the multiple facets of cancer research, including discovery related to mechanisms, treatment and diagnosis, overlap many up and coming interest areas in toxicology, including the need for improved methods and analysis tools.

Database and Ontology

ACS Meeting, Boston, USA, 18 August 2015 Presented by Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect) as Coordinator and in representation of work carried out by eNanoMapper and its partners. Any opinions or comments are made as personal statements and are not to taken as indicating any official position of any organisation.