Associate Partner Application instructions

Why become an associate partner to eNanoMapper?

The program links the organisations with the aim of showing to third parties a mutual interest in shared goals. The associate partner’s logo will be shown on the eNanoMapper website, and the associate partner may claim they are an associate partner to eNanoMapper. Experience in other projects has shown a varying strength of the association: commonly, associate partners use tools of the project associate with. This association does not involve the exchange of money, work, or any other obligation.

How to become an associate partner to eNanoMapper?

Step 1 - Read and accept the confidentiality agreement
(link to the confidentiality agreement)
If you want to apply, first read the eNanoMapper confidentiality agreement as a basis of our future cooperation and accept it (internally).

Step 2 - Make contact to the consortium
You need to find a sponsor from within eNanoMapper consortium. This person effectively says to the other eNanoMapper participants that he/she believes you are a suitable associate partner.

Step 3 - Fill in the web form
Now you can apply officially via the web form. This form lists contact information, the sponsor, and a short description of why you are applying and what you believe are the benefits. Upon submission of this form, an email will be send to the coordinator of this program.

Step 4 - Wait for approval
The program coordinator will propose you to the project partners and ask for formal approval. This step will take about two weeks.

Step 5 - Being accepted
If accepted, the program coordinator will inform the application organization of acceptance and orally reach agreement on the mutual understandings: no rights and no obligations follow from the participation in the associate partner program for neither the eNanoMapper consortium, not the associate partner, except that both parties are free to let third parties know about the association. Both the eNanoMapper consortium and the associate partner can terminate the associate without reason at any moment in time.

Step 6 - Be announced as new partner and provide your logo for the webpage
When the oral agreement is reached, the program coordinator will send around a public email announcing the acceptance of the organisation, and will ask with the website coordinator to put up the logo on the eNanoMapper website, linking to the associate partner’s website.

Click here to READ ABOUT Associate Partner Program, or → Apply for Associate Membership