Associate Partner Program

The eNanoMapper project aims to provide standards, technologies, reference implementations and tools for the computational infrastructure of the European NanoSafety Cluster. To ensure the alignment with the community, eNanoMapper works with a network of partners, organized in the Associate Partners Program.

Who can become an Associate Partner of eNanoMapper?

The associate partner program aims at strengthening the working ties between eNanoMapper consortium members and other organizations within the scientific community. Any individual or organization such as a university, institute, consortium, small, medium or large commercial company and individuals can become an associate partner of eNanoMapper.

How to become an Associate Partner?

An individual or organization interested in the associate partner program first finds a sponsor within the eNanoMapper consortium. The application for associate partner status is then submitted via a web form on the eNanoMapper website, specifying the sponsor, as well as the aim and benefits of the partnership (→ go to Associate Partner membership application form). The application process takes approximately three weeks. On acceptance, the partnership is publically communicated and put onto the eNanoMapper website, as well as the partner’s website.

What are the obligations of a partner?

The aim of the associate partner program is primarily to facilitate collaborations between outside organizations and the eNanoMapper member organizations towards the common goals of the nano-safety community. Through the program, this collaboration is communicated to the community by including all partners on the eNanoMapper website (link), as well as eNanoMapper on the partners’ web sites.

Other obligations, such as involving confidentiality, work commitments or shared intellectual properties are not part of the program and are the subject of other agreements such as inter-consortium agreements.

Click here to READ INSTRUCTIONS, or → Apply for Associate Membership