Description of Tasks

1). Coordination & Tracking
2). General Assembly Meetings
3). Executive Board & Advisory Board Meetings
4). Reports

This work package is concerned with the effective planning and management of the project, coordination between partners, administration, and facilitating communications between partners within the project, and between the project consortium and the EC.

The key objectives are:

  To apply best practice project and knowledge management practices to ensure the effective execution of the project work plan;
  To maintain effective communications between partners in the consortium;
  To track all project progress and to take corrective actions when needed;
  To ensure effective and timely execution of all administrative tasks;
  To complete timely periodic progress and financial reporting to the EC;
  To ensure compliance to standards, quality management, risk management and contingency planning
Description of work

This WP will monitor the progress of the project and report it to the partners and the EC. The Project Coordinator and WP7 Leader will develop contingency plans, maintain the communication infrastructure of the eNanoMapper project, maintain regular contact with the commission and advisors, and internationally spread the knowledge on the capabilities that have been generated by eNanoMapper resources. The Coordinator will organize a yearly general assembly (GA) meeting for all project members to discuss the annual progress. The Coordinator will also organize meetings on demand for individual WPs, expert groups, users and external laboratories to continuously evaluate requirements and service implementations and to provide guidance and specifications for new developments and adjustments to resources and support services and applications. The Coordinator will compile the periodic progress reports to the EC using inputs from the individual WP reports provided by the WP Leaders.