Enabling nanosafety

eNanoMapper: enabling systems biology for nanosafety

E. Willighagen1, F. Ehrhart1, L. Rieswijk1, B. Smeets4, C. Evelo1

1Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT, Maastricht University, UNS 50 Box 19, Maastricht, 6200, MD, The Netherlands

License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

The eNanoMapper project develops computational solutions to support the development of new engineered nanomaterials within the European community. These solutions are based on a proposed common ontology, to unite the research done within the nanosafety domain.

This common language is based on reusing existing ontologies, like the NanoParticle Ontology (NPO), and developed in collaboration with other projects from the NanoSafety Cluster, but also by collaborating with other partners from inside and outside of Europe.

Another important component is the database approach: here, eNanoMapper selected the open and flexible OpenTox platform which has been extended to support nanomaterials: the user will find information including experimental data, physico-chemical and biological nanoparticle characterization, ...

By combining these two components and adopting open standards, such as ISATab-Nano, eNanoMapper is able to make user-oriented applications to support the day-to-day work of researchers in the community (and allow others to do so too). This presentation will give an overview of the current state of the project.

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