eNanoMapper prototype

A substance database to support a safe innovation approach

Presented by Nina Jeliazkova (Ideaconsult Ltd.)

You can download slides by >>clicking on this link<<.

The webinar presents the first prototype [1] released by the eNanoMapper project, providing support for upload and search for nanomaterials and experimental data through a REST web services API (http://enanomapper.github.io/API/) and a web browser interface.

A number of opportunities and challenges exist in nanomaterials representation and integration of ENM information, originating from diverse systems, such as the concept of substances. We adopted the concept of substances, supporting ENMs as a special case; as well as experimental data, associated with substances. The substance resource supports assigning a nanomaterial type, chemical composition with relevant concentration and components role, as well as links to chemical structures. A file upload web form (or the underlying REST API call) allows importing files in several formats (OECD HT .i5z files or direct retrieval of information from IUCLDI5 servers); custom spreadsheet templates and custom formats, provided by partners (e.g. NanoWiki). ISA-TAB Nano support is under development.

The eNanoMapper prototype database offers access to a variety of searches by combination of measurement endpoints (e.g. all ENMs with size between 50 and 60 nm and having genotoxicity data) and is tightly integrated with a chemical structure search. This allows searching for the component of a material using a chemical structure, and highlighting its function as a core, coating or functionalisation. The search can be used for many applications, one of which being NanoQSAR modeling. Here, the search interface is used to make a selection of data to be used for training and test data. Search results can then be downloaded in various formats and used in statistics and machine learning environments. Future work includes support for additional file formats, generated by the NanoSafety cluster, further annotation with ontologies and support for data from third party databases.

The database is populated with content provided by project partners. The prototype is available at http://data.enanomapper.net/. If you like to see your data included too, please send us an email.

1.Nina Jeliazkova, Vedrin Jeliazkov, Egon Willighagen, Bart Smeets, Cristian Munteanu, Bengt Fadeel, Roland Grafström, Pekka Kohonen, Haralambos Sarimveis, Georgia Tsiliki, Philip Doganis, David Vorgrimmler, and Janna Hastings; The first eNanoMapper prototype: a substance database to support safe-by-design, IEEE BIBM 2014, Belfast

You can download slides by >>clicking on this link<<.