Nano Safety Meeting


Nano Safety Cluster Meeting - Antalya, Turkey

by: Barry Hardy


Modular infrastructure for data storage, sharing and searching, based on open standards and semantic web technologies, minimum information standards and established security solutions;
Development of ontologies for the categorisation and characterisation of eNMs in collaboration with other projects
Creation of new computational models in nanomaterials safety through the implementation of interfaces for toxicity modelling and prediction algorithms which may process all data made available through eNanoMapper (e.g. using algorithms available from the OpenTox FP7 project or statistical/data mining software)
Meta analysis of nano-bio interactions supporting “safe-by-design” ENMs development by pursuing a Linked Data approach which integrates data and metadata originating from diverse sources within nanoscience, chemistry, biology and toxicology
Creation of tools for the exchange, quality assurance and reporting of research protocols and data for regulatory purposes
Creation of a community framework for interdisciplinary collaboration

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