eNanoMapper Organisation

eNanomapper OrganisationThe eNanoMapper project implementation is arranged in 7 Work Packages (WPs).

The user-driven requirements analysis, design and application testing activities of WP1 will provide extremely valuable guidance for all eNanoMapper RTD. WPs 2-4 provide the core component development parts of eNanoMapper in the areas of ontology, data management and computational processing and analysis infrastructure, with WP5 providing a regular integrated testing and release of components including GUIs for use application testing and deployment.

The use cases developed in WP1 will guide all component (WP2-4) and integrated application development focus (WP5) and validation by providing software applications to users, who will use the applications on an ongoing basis throughout the project, providing valuable feedback in an iterative manner, and scaling up the number of users in later stages of the project.

WP6 on Dissemination and Training and WP7 on Project Management and Reporting are pervasive throughout the duration of the project to ensure quality outcomes and results, and rely on experienced EC project coordination and WP management skills of partners. eNanoMapper will follow an iterative cycle of contextual design and inquiry with users, strategy and specification, followed by software development, testing and real world application.

The user-centric design, agile SW development methodology and periodic integration and testing will reduce inherent project risk by breaking the WP tasks into smaller sub-tasks providing more ease-of-change across several iterations. Across all project development activities, the strategy, concepts, requirements analysis, and design of architecture will be developed, tested and refined by an iterative prototyping approach.